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I love researching, creating ideas and visualising them through a variety of media from graphics to object making. I want to engage with design in both digital and non-digital means.

My aim is to be innovative, to discover new opportunities for human progression in order to shape a better future. 


I dream of my approach to design to be more than aware of the ethical and ecological implications. I want my practice to be a further step towards the environment preservation.

I have developed a passion for Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy. Researching about these fulfills my curiosity to empirically understand the world.


Thanks to my passion for sailing, I became more attached to nature and aware of the dangers that is facing. I developed a deep interest in the ocean’s effect on the environment as well as the shipbuilding industry, which has a big impact on marine life. I love learning about materials and performance to thrive a solid understanding of how boats are designed, structured and built.

I am fascinated by the aerospace industry. Because of the space debris, we are creating, space accessibility is in danger of drastically decreasing. I believe that design in this field is crucial to promote messages of care and responsibility towards the environment. Not only in terms of advertising but also of making better products in order to attract a public of all kinds.

My aim is to work on different projects in a variety of fields and eventually to create my own practice in order to open debates around significant topics. I want to create products to discover new opportunities for human progression whilst exploring my passion.


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